Venture Capital Firms In The UK

Venture Capital Firms In The UK

Venture Capital is one of the various forms of “risk capital”, which is invested in a business project that involves a substantial amount of risk pertaining to the future creation of cash flows and profits. There are several venture capital firms in the UK that can help you invest in the right capital.

What is venture capital?

Venture capital, as mentioned above, is a form of risk capital. It offers long term committed share capital in order to help companies that are unquoted to grow and succeed in their venture. Venture capital can help an entrepreneur seeking to start-up, expand, buy-into and buy-out business, turn-around or revitalise a company remarkable. Incurring venture capital is different from raising debt or loan from a lender. For instance, the lenders owe the legal right to charge interest on a loan as well as repayment of the capital, regardless of the success and failure of a particular business. Venture Capital is an investment in exchange for equity stake/s in business. The return is usually earned when the entrepreneur who has entered into venture capital exits by selling his or her business’s shareholding to another owner.

Venture capital firms in the UK

Some of the most renowned venture capital firms in the UK are as follows:

Adams Street Partners

Adams Street Partners is a private equity investment management firm at the global level that offers several comprehensive solutions for the investors. It has a reputation of being one of the most strongly performing venture capital firms in the UK with a wide knowledge base in finance and management. It has a disciplined investment approach that appreciates quality over quantity. It has an experience base of 40 years.

Advantage Capital

Advantage Capital is a UK mid market private equity firm, which holds a private equity experience of about 50 years. It aims and promises to achieve above average returns for all its loyal investors by chartering out an investment strategy. It is one of the few venture capital firms in the UK that have raised about three investments, seven investments and four realisations.


3i is an international investor that focuses on Private equity, Debt management and infrastructure. It is one of the oldest established venture capital firms in the UK with over 60 years of experience in managing finance and treating its loyal investors with the right solutions. It comprises of a team of talented management experts who develop business that most likely to bring about significant growth.

Atlas Venture

The catalogue of venture capital firms in the UK has the name of Atlas Venture on the highest possible position owing to its specialisation in investing in the infant states of technology as well as life sciences innovation. It comprises of the best of management experts to help investors solve big issues in the market.

Advent International

Advent International is a Global Private Equity firm that gives indefinite access to companies seeking not only the capital but also its vast experiences, networks and resources. It boasts of an experience of over 25 years during which it had been at the forefront of international investing. Therefore, it stands tall as a potential taker among the several venture capital firms in the UK.

Amadeus capital Partners Limited

Amadeus Capital Partners Limited is one of the best venture capital firms in the UK. They invest across several technologies in different industries. With adept experience since 1997, the management experts have unique skills to spot and encourage various high-technology companies that are bound to come up in the future.


Alchemy is one of the venture capital firms in the UK that specialises in the preparation of equity for buy-ins, buy-outs and acquisition of distressed debt as well as other special opportunities. Alchemy has also extended its functions to India with the launch of a development capital fund advisory business in the country. The funds are granted by a large number of blue-chip investors some of which are major banks like pension funds, university endowments, fund-of-funds and high net worth individuals.

Bain & company

Bain & Company is a leading global business and strategy-consulting firm that has offices in almost all the major cities in the UK. Bain & Company is one of the few counting venture capital firms in the UK that look into helping management make the big decisions on various core subjects like strategy, mergers & acquisitions, operations, organization and technology.

Barclays Capital

Barclays Capital is an investment banking division of the Barclays Bank PLC that employs over 25,000 people. As one of the venture capital firms in the UK, it reaches out to the global world with its efficient advisory services as well as distribution power to meet the demands of the investors. Barclays Capital ensures that the solutions to all your strategic advisory, risk management and financing needs.

BC Partners

BC Partners is a leading private equity firm, which has performed active roles in the development of large buy-out market for over 20 years. The firm operates as one of the major venture capital firms in the UK through offices in Europe and America thereby acquiring as well as developing European or other multinational businesses. BC has an experience of investing in 74 companies.

Bridge point

Bridgepoint has a major name in the catalogue of venture capital firms in the UK as a major international private equity group that focuses on assuming leading middle market businesses. In addition, it also works with the management so as to create as well as release value within the companies. 25 years of experience in the field of management and finance has acquired the company a celebrated position in the list of venture capital firms in the UK.

Arle Capital Partners

Arle is a recently established private equity partnership that aims to acquire businesses in the industrial, energy and service sectors. It has come to be one of the major venture capital firms in the UK that has a highly experienced and established team to manage the investments for a global investor base.